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A Saudi Joint-Stock Company, established in 1986, with the objective of setting up an advanced pharmaceutical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , for the local production of medicines to be offered in the Saudi as well as export markets. SPIMACO’s main formulation manufacturing facility, Al–Qassim Pharmaceutical Plant, was planned, constructed and equipped at the highest quality levels. Today, SPIMACO is the leading player in the Saudi pharmaceutical market with a notable presence in export markets.

Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances (ACDIMA)

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ACDIMA is a Pan-Arab shareholding company established by a resolution from the Arab Economic Unity Council of Arab League on 6/3/1976. The Capital of the company is 60 million Kuwaiti Dinars. ACADIMA, with its headquarters in Jordan, invests in a number of pharmaceutical projects throughout the Arab world.

Dishman Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

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Dishman Group is headquartered at Ahmedabad, India and is listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange. The group manufactures a wide range of products including reagents, specialty chemicals, APIs and intermediates. Dishman’s business units are Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMs); specialty chemicals; process research and development (high potent); disinfectants and; vitamins. cGMP/USFDA inspected multi-purpose and dedicated facilities are operated in India, China, Netherlands, UK, Australia and Switzerland.

Takamul Investment Holding Co.

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Takamul is a private equity firm established in Saudi Arabia by a group of prominent figures. Takamul investment focus is in innovative technologies in pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemicals and infrastructure industries primarily in Saudi Arabia.